As companies strive to operate in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, finding effective methods for controlling costs is quickly becoming a mission critical task. Historically, that focus has been directed towards process improvements and streamlined efficiency, with operating expenses simply accepted as unalterable fixed costs.

However, innovation is changing that dynamic. Green technologies are shifting traditional business concepts by providing effective new strategies for reducing OPEX amounts, creating safer environments for employees, and dramatically altering the energy usage and expenditures required for operation.

When companies embrace green technologies, the potential for strategically redefining those fixed costs is immense. In addition to building effective sustainability practices, green technologies deliver waste reductions, tax incentives and advantages, and improved profitability for businesses.

Reduce Energy Use while Increasing Asset Lifespan

A large portion of operating expenses are related to energy consumption. Green technologies are specifically designed to limit energy usage and the costs associated with operation by incorporating no-cost, or low-cost investments that deliver speedy results. Retrofitting areas include;

  • Lighting—replacing old florescent or HID lighting with efficient LED lamps has the power to cut lighting expenses by up to 80%. The extended burn time also reduces your maintenance costs.
  • HVAC—climate control units are another energy waster. By incorporating new system controls, you can limit your costs and improve air circulation and quality throughout the facility.
  • Water Heaters and Boilers—introduce equipment level controls for these items to reduce energy consumption. Green technologies are also able to deliver waste heat recovery for reuse within the building.
  • Process and Discrete Manufacturing Systems—compressed air, part washing systems, and industrial processing equipment generate energy wastes that can be restructured and recycled.
  • Building Monitoring and Control Systems—green technologies encompass a variety of efficiency innovations. Comprehensive systems are available that catalog, control, and maintain your systems as a unit.
  • Envelope Improvements—many facilities are able to reduce OPEX amounts with the inclusion of low-emissivity glass, enhanced insulation, and similar structural upgrades.

Generate Lasting Improvements

The popularity of green technology is growing because it offers strategic OPEX reductions. Professional energy assessments include a detailed outline of your projected ROI, and any federal rebates or tax incentives you may qualify for, as well as grant and retrofitting loan opportunities.

Schedule a comprehensive review of your building’s systems and current consumption rates to determine the energy efficiency improvements you can introduce to significantly lower your operating expenditures, today.

Discover how green technology can control wastes, lower energy consumption, and reduce your operational costs while improving productivity at your facility by speaking with a Certified Energy Manager or Auditor at Hawks and Associates today. Click here to Contact Us.