Building Systems Retrofit & Optimization

Developing and maintaining an effective energy management program begins with optimizing and retrofitting your building with state-of-the-art solutions designed to reduce energy usage and expense. At Hawks & Associates, we conduct audits that identify:

  • No cost operational and maintenance alterations that will directly reduce energy consumption
  • Low cost retrofit recommendations
  • Comfort and code concerns that require immediate attention
  • Heat and energy recovery options for mechanical and electrical systems as well as manufacturing processes

By focusing on the areas that can be improved with cost effective investments, we deliver cost-savings solutions that will help improve operational conditions, while reducing your costs.


Inefficient HVAC systems contribute to daily energy wastes, and often the equipment controls designed to regulate usage are manually overridden to minimize discomfort.

Our building systems retrofit & optimization service assesses and improves the performance of your HVAC system to deliver lowered utility bills and improved indoor air-quality. This service not only benefits your equipment by increasing asset productivity and life cycle, it also improves the comfort and health of your workforce. Efficiency improvements include custom:

  • Building management control systems
  • Equipment level controls for DX units as well as hot water and steam boilers
  • Waste heat recovery and reuse
  • Application of variable frequency drives for motor control


Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system reduce electric usage by up to 80%, when compared with high-intensity discharge (HID) or fluorescent lighting. Moreover, by switching to LED, you reduce your maintenance costs by increasing lamp life (minimum of 50,000 hours).

LED lights also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring less power, and are less attractive to insects than HID lights. By replacing the inefficient ballast technology of HID lighting, companies can institute dimming and other controls that can further reduce energy costs and consumption.


Whether your project is for lighting or HVAC only or for a combination of building systems, our building systems retrofit and optimization service provides immediate solutions that reduce your environmental footprint and lay the foundation for developing further sustainability practices.

Getting Started

Start developing your building systems retrofit and optimization strategy today by contacting us to arrange for your onsite visit.