Facility Project Management & Financing

Hawks & Associates does more than simply identify ways to save energy, we partner with our clients over the life of their project to find efficiency solutions, from the initial assessment to the final implementation. As part of that service, we work to secure the necessary funding required to perform cost-saving recommendations that will deliver lasting results.

By combining traditional and innovative financing strategies, we are able to design turnkey options that guarantee the financial success of your project. Our flexible financial packages may utilize a combination of capital leases, property tax assessment loans, and energy savings contracts as well as utility rebates, incentives, and various utility financing tools.

100% Financing

At Hawks & Associates we understand that small businesses often forgo improvements for lack of capital. That’s why we offer 100% financing on projects with investment requirements as low as $2,000 and a simple payback period of three years or less. Whether the improvements comprise a lighting retrofit of a few dozen fixtures, the replacement of a multi-level lighting system or the complete upgrade of mechanical systems and manufacturing processes, we utilize a combination of in-house and external resources to individual client.

Savings-Based Contracts

Energy savings-based contracts require no up-front capital investment. Projects are funded through a portion of the avoided energy costs over a period of time, usually one to ten years after a project is implemented. Applying proven technologies and state-of-the-art controls, we are able to guarantee that the conservation methodologies we develop will deliver energy savings that pay for themselves over the length of the contract. These contracts, which may include equipment operation and maintenance agreements, can be combined with utility financing tools to align cost and benefit timing.

Utility Rebate and Tax Incentive Processing

The energy project funding market is ever-changing and at Hawks & Associates we make it our business to keep abreast of the latest developments and current trends in order to provide an optimal financial instrument for your project. As an energy efficiency partner, we take care of the energy financing paper work so businesses can focus on mission critical tasks. We complete, submit, and monitor the progress of utility rebates and tax incentive applications, which may be used directly or indirectly to offset project costs.