Water and Compressed Air: 

Hot water service systems are often capable of efficiency design improvements. Leaks  and sewerage costs drain the value of   your system, and often de-coupling the supply line can result in significant savings. Moreover, applicable heat and energy recovery strategies are often employed as an effective means of offsetting utility-based consumption costs.

Our building systems retrofit, and optimization service provides immediate solutions that reduce your environmental footprint and lays the foundation for developing further sustainability practices.

            Compressed Air—Unrecognized Utility

Compressed air systems are generally responsible for nearly 40% of total  manufacturing energy use, making it a perfect candidate for an energy audit. The  systems themselves often display a clear representation of company growth and expansion, with additions and equipment performing at graduated levels of efficiency.

At Hawks & Associates, our commercial systems retrofit & optimization service  includes a detailed assessment regarding this unrecognized utility and ways to  capitalize on it.

Recommendations concerning improvement in air demand, supply, and distribution are incorporated, with an immediate emphasis placed on areas within the system that would produce the greatest potential savings such as:

  • Identifying and correcting leaks.

  • Unregulated usage.

  • Inappropriate usage that engenders waste.

            Manufacturing Applications

  • Performance Tracking: Speedily ascertain whether or not your systems are operating at optimal capacity or volumetric flow.

  • Enhanced Monitoring: Track air power, flow, and pressure for proactive maintenance solutions that reduce downtime.

  • Ascertain heat and energy recovery possibilities.


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