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Renewable Works

  • We've completed several energy audits for AT&T facilities and office buildings.  In some projects this client has experienced over $200,000+ of energy savings identified in both HVAC and lighting. Our team consultants and manages these projects from concept, to design, during inception, through implementation and on-going management. 

  • Our project teams have assessed and completed thousands of retrofit lighting solutions for clients.  Our engineering and implementation teams have deliver energy solutions for parking lots, parking decks, industrial warehousing, and internal luminary recommendations reducing clients energy cost more than 60%.   

  • We have partnered with local and state power suppliers to ensure our clients are informed on various energy rebates associated with energy reduction and renewable solutions.

  • We've established a process that provides clients a full energy assessment, project lifecycle and scoping throughout implementation.  Our client seek to change the world by seeking our advice on how to transition into renewable solutions. 

  • Our energy assessment of Detroit's Chandler Park School project resulted in a 70% reduction in operating cost from various exterior lighting applications.

  • Today, your supporting the demand of EV/EVSE installations across the region.  We're implementing solutions for clients at their operating facilities, outfitting building and homes with vehicle charging stations.  This is saving clients thousands and reducing emission carbons effecting the world.


Renewable Works!

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