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Renewable Energy

Hawks & Associates Inc, provides energy solutions focused on reducing on operating cost and improving facility maintenance.

Advanced energy recovery techniques and renewable energy sources can be used to create an effective, independent back-up or primary power supply.

Whether you are considering small solar applications for water heating or megawatt Photovoltaics (PV) arrays to power specific machinery, our in-house engineers, internal financing, and innovative design resources provide a customized energy solution for your facility.​

Wind energy solutions and similar renewable energy sources reduce consumption of grid-based power, but also include the possibility of net-metering, which lowers expenditures even more. We explore applicable energy recovery options for your specific production model.

Renewable energy supply side initiatives can become quite attractive, once energy efficiency initiatives have been implemented.​

By combining extensive in-house engineering capabilities, the latest technology resources, and innovative, “out-of-the-box” thinking, we develop customized recommendations for our clients that explore the feasibility and quantify the project costs for any applicable, renewable energy sources - such as wind, solar, or process recovery applications.

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