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Delivering Proven, Energy Efficient &
Renewable Energy Solutions

Lighting * Solar * Wind * Electric Stations 

Your Industrial Commercial Energy Consultants! 

Our Services

Our Services

Renewable Energy

Hawks & Associates Inc. is a provider of renewable and energy efficient solutions.  We consult with commercial and  industrial organizations to deliver valuable and economic projects energy solutions.  

Steam, Hot Water & HVAC

Inefficient HVAC Systems contribute to daily energy wastes, and often the equipment controls designed to regulate usage are manually overridden to minimize discomfort.


Light-emitting diode (LED) lights reduce electric usage by up to 80%, when compared with high-intensity discharge (HID) or fluorescent lighting systems. Moreover, by switching to LED, you reduce your maintenance costs by increasing lamp life (minimum of 50,000 hours).  We also partner and consult with commercial businesses to optimize (EV/EVSE) Electrical Vehicle Funding Opportunities


Inquire about both Federal & State rebate opportunities in your area!  

Water & Compressed Air

Hot water service systems are often capable of efficiency design improvements. Leaks  and sewerage costs drain the value of   your system, and often de-coupling the supply line can result in significant savings. Moreover, applicable heat and energy recovery strategies are often employed as an effective means of offsetting utility-based consumption costs.


“Hawks attention to detail and quality of delivery is truly impressive. We can really see the difference in the light quality and cost savings as well as reduction in our maintenance cost. The effort to invest both the time and the money into these projects were worth it."

Dr. Phares A. Noel, COO
Scholastic Solutions, LLC

Chandler Park

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